Japanese Idol Group “You’ll Melt More” – Younapi Goes into Extra Time

Fans of idol group You’ll Melt More (Yurumerumo) have had a difficult time with members leaving the group over the past 12 months. First, fan favourite Ano graduated, and the Younapi – one of the oldest serving members – announced on the 7th of February this year that she had decided to retire from the group on March 27th.

However, due to the Corona virus, Younapi has decided to delay her graduation and go into extra time! Her new graduation date at this stage will be will be April 13th.

This does still mean that she won’t be participating in You’ll Melt More’s live show in Nagoya on May 7th, however fans of Younapi might still get a last chance to see her live with the group.

Following on from the graduation, Younapi has announced her intention to continue as a solo performer. Her first solo appearance is due to be April 5th at Gyunofes in Tochigi – if the festival goes ahead.

Here is a message from Younapi regarding the extension and graduation.


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