Nemoto Nagi Birthday Festival 2019

This year, to celebrate her 20th birthday, Niji no Conquistador and Dempagumi Inc. member Nemoto Nagi will be holding two birthday events! The first will be on March 16th at Dear Stage., and the second will be on March 31st at Omotesando Ground. Both events will have differing contents.

Nemoto Nagi 20th Birthday
Nemoto Nagi Turns 20

At the Dear Stage event, there will be three timed sessions on each floor. The price is 3,000 yen for the first floor (which will likely be standing room only) and the 3,500 for each of the other floors (the cafe on floor two and the bar on floor three.

The show at Omotesando will be 3,500 yen for advance tickets and 4,000 on the day (however, they’re likely to sell out). It’ll be in two parts – the first part opening at 12:00, and the second opening at 4:30.

With Nemo’s popularity skyrocketing – impacted heavily due to her joining Dempagumi Inc. roughly twelve months ago, these shows will likely sell out.

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