Dempagumi Inc. and Niji no Conquistador to Recruit New Junior Members

On the back of the graduation of Yumemi Nemu on the 7th of January this year, Dear Stage idol groups Dempagumi Inc and Niji no Conquistador have announced that they will be auditioning for new junior members. The auditions will end on March 22, and the candidates must be 12-22 who are not currently affiliated with or contracted to any other group. The maximum number of juniors will be 12 – which doesn’t necessarily mean that 12 will be the final number.

Niji no Conquistador New Member

There’s a lot on offer here, as King Records and Toy’s Factory are offering full support, including consultations on housing if the successful candidates are moving from a country area.

As two of the biggest idol groups in Japan right now, Dempagumi inc. and Nijicon would be a huge boost to any aspiring idol’s (or actress’s, or model’s) career. Auditions are finalised on April 5th.


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