Tokyo Idol Festival 2018 – WACK Performance Event Announced

It’s just been announced that there will be a collaboration performance event with WACK groups at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018. It’s going to be called “Dreamlights in TIF” and, although details have yet to be released, we can only suppose that it will be a collaboration / medley event involving all of the WACK groups going to Tokyo Idol Festival this year.

The WACK stable includes the groups BiSH, BiS (1), Bis (2), Billie Idol, Gang Parade and Empire, and is known for onstage and offstage antics as well as fervent fans. In fact, at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, BiSH was told not to come back for the second day due to unruly crowd behaviour. WACK have come a long way in the last three years, adding a number of bands to their group, and changing the members of many of those bands. It speaks strongly of their presence that they are going to have a WACK event at TIF 2018.

Knowing Watanabe and co., there will be something interesting announced…

Updates will be forthcoming!


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