Dempagumi Inc. Pinky Modelling Pzzz

Pinky from Dempagumi Inc.’s brand, Pzzz, has released a new summer line that is now available through selected Spinns stores and also the Dear Stage online store.

Most of the items are super casual with a smart, clean edge and sporty feel. The aesthetic comes from Pinky’s athletic attitude – if the she can run a marathon or climb a mountain in these, then you can, too!

Items Available:

line polo shirt ¥ 4,000
switching mesh dress ¥ 5,500
Ringer T-shirt ¥ 4,000
box T-shirt ¥ 4,000
Sweat T-shirt ¥ 4,500

Big flannel shirt ¥ 5,800
Jersey half pants ¥ 5,200
Summer knit hat ¥ 3,800
Pzzz socks ¥ 2,000

The release date will be June 29. All of these new summer items are super cute. Jump over to the Dear Stage Store to buy them.


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