Tokyo Idol Festival 2018 – New Events and Stages

Tokyo Idol Festival 2018 has continued to announce new events and stages, which promise to be an experience that you can’t get anywhere else! Here are some of the events that have been announced so far:

Idol Arm Wrestling:

Again this year at TIF2018, a number of Idols will compete in an arm wrestling tournament – who will be crowned the winner? Sakai Hitomi currently holds the title…

Idol Karaoke 2018:

Idols will battle it out with their voice on this stage. Look forward to seeing Idols cover songs to compete to become the overall Karaoke champ!

Idol Club Night 2018:

Once again, an after party night will allow attendees to party throughout the night! Promising Hip hop, Rock, EDM and Idol songs, if you have stamina after Idolfest, this is where you should be!

Radio Exercises:

As usual, the day will start with Radio Exercise on a stage of it’s own. Get in early to warm up for the big event ahead!

Snacks 2018:

Snacks being served by Idols! Let’s wait to see what snacks and what Idols are announced.

Idol Summer Jamboree:

Yet to be defined for this year, but this is usually an event that hosts a number of Idols collaborating on one stage.

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