Tokyo Idol Festival 2017: Aina the End (BiSH) x Matsukuma Kenta Colaboration

Aina the end, a founding member and driving force in the ‘Anti Idol’ group BiSH, will be appearing separate to the group at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018. She’ll be collaborating with Matsukuma Kenta, a sound producer for WACK (BiSH, BiS, EMPiRE, Gang Parade).

This is not the first time that Aina has stepped outside BiSH. Before becoming a founding member of the band, she was a solo singer and backup dancer for Parallel, and most notably she recorded “Itsuwari no Sympathy” with Mondo Grosso – a moody, deep and sexy track. It will be interesting to see what she does with a noted sound producer that she has often worked with in the past. Will we see something musically and vocally similar to BiSH and other WACK bands, or will this be a departure from the usual? It’s not know what the solo work will look like, but given Aina’s strong vocal talents and unique voice, it will definitely be a show to witness.

Aina the End will play on the 4th of August, on the second day of Tokyo Idol Festival 2018.

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