Dempagumi Inc. To Appear at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018!

The announcement has just been made that Mirin, Risa, Ei, Nemu, Nemo, Pinky and Perorin – Dempagumi Inc. – will appear as a group at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018! Not only is this the first time that this incarnation of Dempagumi will appear at Tokyo Idol Festival, it’s also the first time that they will appear after a two year hiatus. Last year Mirin and Pinky did attend in some capacity, as stage curators and Pinky with Noora and Petra, but the full group didn’t attend – potentially due to some disruption over Moga preparing to leave the group (although we didn’t know that then).

Fans should be ecstatic at this news, as there was some speculation that they would not attend due to Idolfest 2018 falling towards the end of their Cosmo tour, and with Mirin being ambassador for Jam Fest later in the month. However, now we know. Dempa will join the other previously announced bands (we’re nearing the 150 mark now) and will play on the last day of the festival – August 5th.


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