Idol Spotlight: Sora Tob Sakana

Continuing our Tokyo Idol Festival 2018 profile series, here is Sora Tob Sakana.

Formed in 2014, this four person idol group consists of Reika Kazaki, Kanzaki Kanaka, Natsuka Teraguchi, Ai Yamazaki.

Their musical style is not only appealing to idol fans – indeed, it’s distinctly non-idol. The instrumentals are generally complex, sometimes discordant, always arresting and emotional. Strings and woodwind generally feature heavily.

In 2016, Sora Tob Sakana released their first, self titled, album. In the same year, they held a sold out show at Shibuya WWW. Following on from this, in April of 2017, they released the Cocoon EP featuring the critically well regarded single “Ribbon” – a dreamlike, meandering piece. This EP helped to raise awareness and appreciation for the group, and in April 2017 they sold out a show at Ebisu Liquidroom.

Strong players on the idol scene, with a distinct image and sound, they are certainly a group to watch at Idol Festival 2018.



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