Dempa Stars PV and Song Review

Although the song and a live version recording of the Osaka concert have been out for a while, the PV has only recently been released. Let’s break it down.

The song:

Instantly recognisable as a Dempagumi inc. song, this is classic Dempa. The ultra high energy tone of the group shines through here. It feels that the new members have revitalised everyone in Dempa. At the same time, this song seems like a good vehicle to reassure fans that, despite the exodus of Moga and the introduction of Nemo and Perorin, the band is not straying too far from its roots, or undergoing a major makeover.

Dempa Stars represents Dempagumi inc. at their up tempo best. Having said that, the structure, tempo and instrumental arrangement of the song is nothing new for Dempagumi inc. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and considering some of the other singles that have recently been released and will be on the forthcoming album, they have not played it safe overall. There is more to come on this, if you’ve not heard the singles.

The PV:

As with all of Dempagumi Inc.’s Promotional Videos, this one is a little bit different. Normally idol videos will focus on the band for the majority of the length of the video. Dempagumi inc. are stepping away from this for their current PV’s.

In this instance, they are sending a balloon into the stratosphere armed with a DMPA cassette player and tape. Honestly, i couldn’t think of anything more Dempa than sending an old school tape player into space with a balloon. Witnessing the rise above the landscape, and then up, up, up into the sky is quite spectacular and unlike any other idol clip. The ticker on the side of the screen informs us of how high the balloon has reached, which is a cute touch. Then, we get to see as the balloon crashes to earth.

It’s a great clip, it’s a great song. Anyone who was worried about Dempa undergoing a massive change, or dying out (and that includes me) doesn’t need to worry in the short term.


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