Tokyo Idol Festival 2018 – First Line Up Announced and Tickets on Sale

Tokyo Idol festival have announced their initial line up. No doubt there are plenty more performers to come, but here’s what we’re dealing with initially. Rino Sashihara will once again be Chairman.


Osaka Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Shine Fine Movement

Jewell Rouge

Pure Cafe Latte

Masquerade at 6pm


Panda Meal

Sky Field Blue Sky

Task! Have Fun

Nana Land

How Old Are You!



As you’ll notice, a number of the groups are first-timers for Idol Fest. We’ll do profiles of all groups in TIF2018 as they are announced so that you can get some background on each of the Idol groups before seeing them live.

Obviously, this is just a first announcement, so expect to see line up announcements flow at a steady pace from here.

Additionally, pre-sale tickets have been announced.

At this stage, there are three tiers of ticket. All can be purchased for a single day or for the three day stretch.

Glitter (kirakira) Tickets

These tickets are the premier passes, with the price tag to prove it. Weighing in at 100,000 Yen for the three days, these tickets will get you access to exclusive viewing areas for all of the main stages, as well as priority entry to the merchandise / handshake area. These tickets are extremely limited – 100 for the three day pass and 50 for each day.

T-Shirt Tickets

These tickets will give access to the T-Shirt stage, and of course will come with a t-shirt. Also available for either one or three days, you’ll be paying 18,700 Yen for the three day pass.

Normal Tickets

These will be 16500 yen (saving 500 yen on for ordering early).

Let’s face it – you should be going, so you might as well order early to save a few bucks. All the more to spend on merch.






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