The World Standard Collaborates with The Pie Hole Los Angeles

The World Standard (Wasuta) are collaborating with the Harajuku cafe The Pie Hole L.A. to combine cute with delicious. The Pie Hole first opened in Japan in 2016 and has gathered fame for it’s fresh pies and organic coffee.

The unusual collaboration will run from March 1 to March 31. The Pie Hole has prepared special products, each geared towards each member of The World Standard. There will be 5 special sweet pies, 5 types of drinks, and 1 new special parfait. Each member of Wasuta devised a special topping for each pie, and a name for each pie. With the purchase of each pie, you’ll receive a special novelty product. If you purchase all 5 collaboration pies, you’ll receive a coaster set of 5, autographed by each of the members of The World Standard.

The pies are:

Yellow: Matcha green tea with whipped cream and sugar flakes. Also with mango and passionfruit sauce.

Green: An earl grey tea pie topped with whipped cream, marshmallow and sugar flakes. It’s finished with kiwi sauce

Purple: Apple crumble with icing cookie and cinnamon powder. Finished off with caramel sauce and something called blue sauce.

Blue: Salt honey custard pie with fluffy marshmallows. Coated in chocolate sauce.

Pink: Chocolate pie topped with raspberry, whipped cream, chocolate, marshmallow and sugar flakes. Topped with a sweet and sour strawberry sauce.

All of the pies look absolutely amazing. If you have a chance, get down to Harajuku and check them out.






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