Yurumerumo! School Test!

Yurumeromo! (You’ll Melt More!) have created a school exam whereby fans will be able to attend and answer a bunch of questions that have been thought up by the members. There will be 100 questions in total, and who knows what they will relate to? Knowing Yurumerumo! the questions will be varied to say the least.

If you’re smart (or lucky) enough to get into the top tears of examinees, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive prizes. So go down to Gotanda building 6th floor and take the exam. The test opens on March the 10th at 15:40 with a start time of 16:00 – so be a good student and get there on time! You will need to pay ¥ 4,000 for the privilege to take the test, so you’d better study up.

Good luck, do your best!



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