Nemoto Nagi from Dempagumi inc. and Niji no Conquistador Birthday Event Announced

Nemoto Nagi will be holding her birthday event at AKIBA cultures theater on the 18th of March 2018. This is a particularly exciting moment seeing as it’s the first time that one of the new members of Dempagumi inc. will be holding a birthday event – pretty soon after joining the group. It’s also interesting because Nemoto Nagi is a member of two idol groups – Dempagumi inc. and Niji no Conquistador. Let’s see how the fans of both bands get along in wishing her well for her birthday and the year ahead!

It’s likely that the birthday will feature an acoustic set, and also much interactive back and forth with the audience. Don’t expect a non-stop singing festival, or a performance by the likes of Dempagumi inc. or Niji no Conquistador, as this is all about celebrating the birthday of Nemo so will be much more low key. Although, there will be plenty of excitement in the room.

There are three tiers of lottery entry for Nemo’s birthday. Initially, the lottery will be open to the Niji no Conquistador fanclub only. However there seems to be an issue with this as the new fan club site is not launched yet…

The next tier will be open to Dempagumi inc. fan club members. Simply log in through the Dempagumi inc website to go to the lottery page at Lawson Ticket.

The final tier is the public tier which will go on sale on the 7th of March.

The price for the event is 2500 yen, with a requirement to buy a drink. The event will start at midday on Sunday the 18th.

Get in there and enjoy welcoming Nemoto Nagi to the Dear Stage group, wish her all the best for her career in Dempagumi inc. and Nijicon moving forward, and in general happiness and prosperity for the year ahead! And if you happen ti miss this, you can always catch her at Dear Stage Week.


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