Maison Book Girl – Idol Profile

BookGa, as they are known to fans, were formed in 2014. Interestingly enough, they were formed in part by the disbanding of BiS. When BiS retired, Koshoi Megumi (BiS) announced the formation of “Book House Girl”, to be produced by Sakurai Kenta. The  groups name was soon changed to “Maison Book Girl”.

Maison Book Girl are known for having a musically rich, melancholy sound. Thematically, they explore territory that often goes untouched by idol bands, quite often alluding to deep emotional pain in their lyrics which is backed up in most cases by the string-heavy music.

Maison Book Girl’s first album, “Bathroom”, was released in 2015. Since then, they have been refining their sound and gathering fans to become what we know them as today. The defining thread to Maison Book Girl’s work seems to be a level of bleakness. Most of their film clips from the last few years have been shot in muted tones. The girls lack smiles most of the time (although the same can’t be said of their live shows!) and they often sing about deeply emotional subjects.

Maison Book Girl’s new single, “Cotoeri” is out now. Here is a link to the special Cotoeri site. It’s quite a trip.

Cotoeri is particularly interesting as the video was directed by Higashi Kanae. The publicity for the single featured an AI bot which would answer you questions and respond.

It’s highly likely that Maison Book Girl will be attending Tokyo Idol Festival 2018. Before then, however, if you want to see them live, they’ll be at Le Comic One on the 22nd of Feb.



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