Niji no Conquistador to Close Their Fan Club and Booth Store

As part of their migration to the Dear Stage family, Nijicon will be shutting down their Booth store as of the 12th of February. All of the items that were available through Booth are scheduled to be moved over to the Dear Stage online store. In addition, there are some new items coming up for sale, including goods from their “New Year 2018 Re [Set / Start]” show, though descriptions of these items haven’t been released.

Following on from this, also due to joining the Dear Stage group, Niji no Conquistador will be closing their existing fan club, “Rainbow Daisuki Club” and re-forming it under the same name but under the Dear Stage banner. What this means, essentially, is that if you are a current Nijicon fan club member, then your membership will be closed, and you’ll need to re-apply for the new “Rainbow Daisuki Club”. You’ll also be required to pay a monthly or annual fee which, whereas in the past the fan club was a one-off fee. This is sure to be pretty disappointing to fans who are in the existing club, but it’s part of Nijicon’s integration into the Dear Stage group, so should ultimately be good for the band. The pre-entry to the new fanclub will be launched on Feb 23rd 2018.

There is currently no news on the “Beboga” fan club, other than “coming soon”.




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