Yurumerumo! 5 Year Anniversary

Yurumerumo! have launched their 5th year anniversary website. Five years! It’s astounding to think that this innovative idol band was formed five years ago! With a continually changing sound and an avant garde approach, their high energy, dynamic stage performances have continually surpassed fan expectations.

For Yurumerumo’s fifth birthday, they have received a tonne of congratulatory messages from other idol groups, including Ayumikurikamaki, There There There’s, Risa Satosaki, Band Ja Naimon and many others. All of the messages are filmed, along with Yurumorumo’s reaction to them. Check it out on the website.

In addition to the messages, the site has links to purchase Yurumerumo! albums from iTunes, outlines special collaboration goods, and also allows you to purchase the special edition t-shirts and Village Vanguard backpack that we’ve mentioned before.

Finally, there’s another prompt to vote for your favourite song to be included in Yurumerumo’s upcoming “best of” album. So get voting! Voting ends on the 28th of Feb.

There are also a number of sections on the site marked “coming soon”. So watch this space…

Here is Yurumerumo! reacting to Ayumikurikamaki’s video.

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