Flashback Friday – BiSH “Stars Twinkling in the Night Sky”

The worlds first introduction to BiSH was this powerful track. In typical WACK style, the PV did not hold back on the shock factor. The BiSH girls get covered in all kinds of gunk (I’ll let you imagine what it represents) and tolerate it.

There is, however, something that sets this video apart. The personalities of each member are very strongly represented. Even though it is the first time we’ve been introduced to BiSH, we feel like we know them byt the end of the clip.

The lyrics, too, are poignant. They speak of the difficulties of being an idol, of being an item rather than a person, of having a goal to achieve, and ultimately they question the person who is watching or listening to the song, understanding their pain – “Is this what you want?”.

For me, It’s the best idol premier that has ever occurred, and has set up BiSH for a strong career. They have matched the level of excitement in some of their videos, and the level of emotion in others, but I’d strongly suggest that this is their masterpiece.

So, Are you going?



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