Dempagumi inc. Limited Edition Goods

Dempagumi inc. have released another line of limited edition goods – and it’s brilliant.

These are a collaboration between  Ai Madonna and MIKOSAKABE, who have both worked with Dempa multiple times to create fashion items. Apart from the unique yet familiar aesthetic it brings, this new range is important because the garments are the first to feature the two brand new members of the group – Nemo and Perorin (both from Niji no Conquistador). The items available are a jumper (sweatshirt) and large size t-shirt for each member, and biribiri t-shirts in the colour of each member.


The gear will only be on sale until the 30th of January – so if you want one of these Dempagumi limited edition items you’d better get in quick. Each one is limited to a run of 200 pieces each. As of the writing of this post, Mirin, Risa, Ei, Nemu, Perorin jumpers have all sold out. T-Shirts featuring designs of Mirin, Risa and Perorin have also sold out.

If you’re a collector, then this is one that you’ll want to jump on very quickly!

You can find the purchase site here .

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