It’s extremely difficult, right now, to judge any band that comes out of the WACK stable.

BiS, in their time, were brilliant. They were something new, something fresh and something subversive – and idol band that was truly and anti-idol band.

In recent years, WACK, essentially Jonnosuke Watanabe, have increased their portfolio considerably. BiS (new version), BiSH, Billie Idol, POP/Gang parade, and now EMPiRE. A wide variety of bands, all with their own unique sound – a slight twist on the WACK formula. Not all of these idol groups have had massive success, however, in general, none have failed completely.

Some truly great music has come from this management.

BiSH is one of the most solid, musically creative, vocally diverse and complex idol bands  Рand bands in general Рto emerge over the past few years. BiSH have the best vocal talent currently in the idol industry and that is inarguable.

One talent that Watanabe seems to possess is seeking out unique and original personalities to form his groups. The WACK idol (anti idol) groups certainly don’t contain cookie-cutter girls all with the same looks and personality. This ads weight to the group as a whole and creates an element of uniqueness that can draw in the audience.

Soon, EMPiRE will take the stage for their first one man live show. Let’s see if they can continue the WACK tradition. Hopes are high.






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