Flashback Friday: E-Ticket Featuring Nemoto Nagi. OUTLOUD.

Kicking off Flashback Friday this week, in honor of Nemoto Nagi joining Dempagumi inc. , we thought that a review of OUTLOUD was in order.

Back in September of last year (2017), E-Ticket released E-Ticket Rap Show, an album featuring Idol singers rapping. One of those singers was Nemoto Nagi, from Niji no Conquistador (and of course now Dempagumi inc.) on the track “OUTLOUD”.

Somewhat surprisingly, this all works. Her medium pitched, well timed, well placed delivery of the lyrics suits the low-fi hip hop beats nearly perfectly. The song is complemented by a video in which Nagi shows her shut-in personality. The chilled out Nagi that we see in the video, and hear delivering the lyrics, is nearly a polar opposite of what we are used to when she appears in a high energy Niji no Conquistador song.

Production on the song continues in a similar vein, keeping the low-fi aesthetic and ensuring a smooth, even listening experience.

Check it out:

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