EMPiRE – What’s Next?

In light of the fact that WACK’s new group, EMPiRE have had some time to settle in to the scene, we thought that this would be an ideal time to profile the newly minted idol group. Originally announced at BiSH SHiNE3 on August 23, 2017, EMPiRE initially wore face covering black headwear. It was announced that once each member had reached 10,000 twitter followers, their faces would be revealed. Following on from this, there was a minor scandal in which it appeared that some of the twitter followers for various members of the idol group had been bought. So, the number of followers required was raised to 15,000 each.

The first to undergo a reveal was YUiNA EMPiRE. She lead by quite a way. Following on from that, YU-Ki, YU-KA, MiDORiKO and MAYU were also revealed.

The girls first live after being revealed was at WACK no Fes at Zepp DiverCity on December 8 of 2017.

Now, things are ramping up for the idol group, and the expectations from WACK and EMPiRE fans are high. Starting on the 30th of January, they’ll be the opening act for the BiSH “Public Image Limited” tour. Hot on the heels of that, on the 11th of April, EMPiRE will release their first full album, to be titled – in typical WACK fashion – “The EMPiRE Strikes Start!!”. On the 1st of May, EMPiRE will hold their first one-man live at Blitz in Akasaka. We will certainly be watching closely to see how EMPiRE evolve. Look forward to more reviews.

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