Band Ja Naimon Pop Up Store

Band Ja Naimon will be collaborating with Tower Records to open a number of pop up stores in the coming months. Available at these stores will be limited edition exclusive merchandise, as well as a limited cheki lottery. Band Ja Naimon also plan to have events at some of the stores, although we don’t have a schedule as yet.

Not Band! Shop will be opening in the following locations:

TOWERmini Morinomiya Cuez Mall shop. January 26 – February 1

Sapporo Pivo store. February 8 – February 28

Shinjuku store. February 8  – March 4

Hiroshima store. February 14 – March 4

Nagoya Kintetsu Passage store. February 14 – March 4

Fukuoka Parco store. February 14 – March 4

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