Ayumikurikamaki Mini Live

Ayumikurikamaki have announced a new mini-live tour as part of the launch of their new album – their second major release. Ayumikurikamaki have a history of carrying out mini-live events, and do so quite often. Apart from the music, one of the best things about these mini lives is that they are free! So, you have no excuse not to go.

At each of these mini live events there will be an opportunity for a handshake or cheki with Ayumikurikamaki, depending on the number of tickets retained from pre-purchase of the new album.

“Great Counterattack” will be released on March 28th, 2018. The limited edition of the album features a CD and Blueray disk, and will go for 4800 yen. The normal edition will cost 3000.

Here is the current schedule, with more dates in March due to be announced. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

January 27 (Saturday) Tokyo Ikebukuro Sunshine City fountain square
February 3rd (Saturday) Aichi Nagoya Parco West Building 1F Event space
February 4 (Sun) Osaka Morinomiya Cues Mall BASE 1F BASE Park
February 10 (Saturday) Chiba TOKYO-BAY Nearby Plaza
February 12 (Monday · Holiday) Saitama Omiya Stella Town Melope Square
February 18 (Sunday) Fukuoka Canal City Hakata B1F Sun Plaza Stage
February 24 (Sat) Miyagi Sendai station front E BeanS 4F Garden stage

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