Passcode – Idol Spotlight

Considering their recent spike in activity, and the release of “Locus”,  this seems like a good time to profile Passcode.

Passcode initially hail from Osaka, Kansai. Their sound is heavily focused toward the harder end of the scale, and frequently includes EDM and hard rock influences.

Debuting in 2013, they have undergone a number of line up changes over the past four years. Kurohara Yuri and Minami Nao were the longest serving members of the group until 2015.

minami nao
Minami Nao

A shuffle up in 2013 resulted in three members leaving, and  Takashima Kaede and Imadi Yuna joined the group in 2014. Imada Yuna came in with a set of lungs that could cause an earthquake, and her screams are now a hallmark of the Passcode sound.

Imada Yuna

At this time, it looked like the line-up was solid. Passcode kicked off 2014 strongly with their first live performance in Osaka. They had a number of strong singles, and a unique sound. Passcode’s first official release was  “Next Stage”. Following on from this, they released their first full album, titled “All is Vanity” in late 2014. The album contained a defining track for Passcode – “Now I Know” (video below). This track, and the accompanying video, helped to solidify Passcode’s place in the Idol scene.After a month or so of teasers, Ogami Hinako joined Passcode at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 as the newest member of the group. Unfortunately, due to poor health, Kurohara Yuri resigned from the group not long after. This was clearly a massive blow, considering that up to this time she had been the longest serving member and the backbone of the group.

Following Yuri’s departure, Passcode held their first one man live tour countrywide (in Japan). I was lucky enough to be at the Sapporo show and I can say that it was an absolutely blistering performance.

Post 2015, Passcode have gone from strength to strength.They have also managed to ride a fine line between being Underground Idols and being in the spotlight or popularised. Their sound has changed slightly, pushing more towards EDM, however still featuring Yuna’s trademark screaming. This means that they have carved our a niche for themselves that no other idol group occupies.

The group ended 2017 with their sold out “Zenith” tour, and now with the release of  “Locus” it looks like they are primed to have a strong 2018.

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