Tokyo Idol Festival Profile Series – Niji No Conquistador

As we get VERY close to Idolfest 2017, it’s time to profile another of our favourite bands, Nijicon. Formed in 2014, they are split into the red and blue team. There is also a Yellow team, Beboga.

They have just released the PV for Kimi wa Mujaki na Natsu no Joo, and we’re also looking forward to a photo book to be published right about now.

Nijicon are the current queens, in my mind, of the quintessential summer PV. So, being summer time, let’s chill out, watch some Nijicon, and relax… until Idol Festival 2017!

Red Team (虹のコンキスタドール赤組)

  • Okumura Nonoka (奥村野乃花)
  • Suyama Emiri (陶山恵実里)
  • Tsurumi Moe (鶴見萌)
  • Nakamura Akari (中村朱里)
  • Nemoto Nagi (根本凪)
  • Matoba Karin (的場華鈴)
  • Yamato Ao (大和明桜)

Sagittarius Meteor Shower (Blue Team) / サジタリアス流星群(虹コン青組)

  • Okada Ayame (岡田彩夢)
  • Shimizu Riko (清水理子)
  • Hiruta Airi (蛭田愛梨)
  • Yamasaki Nana (山崎夏菜)

Beboga! (Yellow Team) / ベボガ!(虹コン黄組)

  • Kaname Rin (鹿目凛)
  • Hazuki Rika (葉月梨花)
  • Higuchi Aya (樋口彩)
  • Mizusawa Kokoa (水沢心愛)
  • Mito Shinobu (水戸しのぶ)
  • Mihama Arisa (三浜 ありさ)