BiSH – Giant Killers PV Review

BiSH has come a long way since its inception. Numerous line up changes and additions, as well as signing to a major label, have had an impact on BiSH’s sound and focus. That impact hasn’t always been positive. Having said that, the changes have been less extreme than those that have occurred with their sister group, (currently known as) Gang Parade.

If Giant Killers is is anything to go by, ultimately those changes have been positive. Things seem to have settled, and BiSH is hitting its stride. This track is truly a return to form, and builds on the heart and – dare i say – soul of BiSH lyrically, sonically and visually.

Clearly drawing inspiration from Tarantino’s “Django in Chains”, the video tells a concise story of BiSH escape from an overbearing “father”. It’s an epic five minutes. It manages to be disturbing, invigorating, and ultimately uplifting. The PV perfectly fits the song and moreso the projected personalities of each member.

The song itself is nearly perfectly balanced in terms of production. It’s raw enough (or produced well enough) to “feel” the theme, and to understand and hear each members contribution. It also comes together beautifully without any harsh moments.

Let’s not forget the talent here. BiSH is one of the most (it’s the most – I’m trying to be diplomatic) vocally talented bands in the idol scene. What I’d expect from such a band is three things –  a great clip, representative of their personality, a great song that showcases individual talents, and superb production to bring this all together. So, it’s three ticks.

It’s going to be very exciting to watch the further evolution of BiSH. My money is on them becoming one of Japan’s (and potentially the world’s) biggest bands. That’s a long way to go in a few years.

Is it punk? Absolutely not. Is it proper BiSH? Absolutely so.

See you and BiSH at Idol Fest 2017!




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