Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 Profile Series – Sora Tob Sakana

With Tokyo Idol Festival (TIF) 2017 only a few months away, we’re going to be running profiles on as many of the performers as we can leading up to the event. Today, we’ll be focusing on Sora Tob Sakana.

Sora Tob Sakana are an idol group that have been active since 2014. There are currently four members in the group.

In 2017, they have had a particularly strong showing – releasing their “Cocoon” EP, which features the stand out track ‘Ribbon” along with an accompanying video. Sora Tob Sakana’s style is dreamy yet playful and musically complex. Unusually for an Idol group, the PV for Ribbon does not feature any members of the band, instead featuring dream-like sketched visuals of a rabbit’s journey.

Sora Tob Sakana will be playing Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 in Odaiba on the 4th, 5th and 6th of August.

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