Ayumikurikamaki to Release 4th major Single

Bear-Girl Idol group Ayumikurikamaki will release their fourth major single on November 23rd this year. It’ll be released both on CD and DVD. To celebrate the release of “Journey Song”,  the girls also have a tour lined up. An AKM gig is always a high-energy affair, so be prepared to jump!

In another note, recently the girls have been appearing out of their bear costumes – is that part of AKM over and done with? If so, I rekon it’s a bad move. Time will tell…

Initial tour dates are below. More are likely to be added.

■ 10 May 22 (Saturday)
[Tokyo] Akishima Mori Town

■ 10 May 23 (Sunday)
[Tokyo] Tobu Ikebukuro 8F

■ 10 May 29 (Saturday)
[Osaka] Kuzuha Mall

■ 11 May 6 (Sunday)
[Nagoya] Nagoya PARCO West Hall 1F

■ 11 May 6 (Sunday)
[Nagoya] Tower Records Nagoya Kintetsu Passe shop

■ 11 May 13 (Sunday)
[Kanagawa] Ebina Binawoku

■ 11 May 19 (Sat)
[Osaka] Abeno Kyuzu Mall

■ 11 May 20 (Sunday)
[Kanagawa] Tressa Yokohama

■ 11 May 27 (Sunday)
[Tokyo] Tower Records Shinjuku

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