Album Review: GoGo Dempa – Dempagumi Inc.

The premier Akihabara idol group is back with their third full length album. In the past few years, they have been going from strength to strength, their sound has been maturing and finding a definite direction. So how does GoGoDempa stack up?

The prevailing theme of the album is poppy jazz. It really suits Dempagumi Inc. and they have a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, the album suffers from filler material. A few of the tracks are just completely off the theme. I’d site #4 for this – it’s a strange, out of place, EDM track. Having said that, the melody on this track is perfectly listenable – it would be great to hear in a different arrangement.

The album affected a little by the inclusion of the singles that the group have released over the past year. These singles are brilliant in their own right – but they detract from the fluidity of the album.

Ultimately, I would have loved to see Dempagumi Inc. commit to the jazz theme through the whole album.

Verdict: It’s a great album. It’s the best Dempa album so far. The Dempagumi team is really maturing and finding their own sound, and with it comes confidence and joy.  The strongest songs are offset by a couple of misplaced pieces, which makes the album disjointed. Is it perfect? No. Does it make me froth at the mouth for their next album? Yes.



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